How to Use Stamp Me Fabulous®

In addition to our already popular Eyebrow Stamps, Eyebrow Inks, Eyebrow Powders and Eyebrow Brushes, Stamp Me Fabulous® offers Cosmetic Stamps for Lips and Semi-Permanent Lip Colors.

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Stamp For Lips Directions:

To select which Lip Design you like best, use the Lip Design Guide transparency to check the
different shapes in the mirror. Select the Stamp Number that you like best.

  1. Gently shake semi-permanent color before opening. Because the colors can be used very
    sparingly, wipe excess ink off of wand and back into container.
  2. For a Lip Line only, draw along the border of the Stamp Design with the color wand.
    Position the stamp in front of your upper lip, gently press down and release.
  3. For full Lip Color, draw across the entire Stamp Design with the color wand. Position the
    stamp in from of your upper lip, gently press and slide Stamp in a downward direction and release.
  4. Using the Semi-Permanent Color wand, fill in the rest of your upper and lower lip with
    Color, as desired.
  5. Before applying the Conditioning Lip Gloss or your favorite lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue
    to remove excess ink.

Your Stamped Lip Design will remain long after your lipstick has faded.

This is a step-by-step demonstration of the Stamp Me Fabulous® Stamp For Lips application procedure.


It will play through once; refresh the page to watch again.


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