How to Use Stamp Me Fabulous®

In addition to our already popular Eyebrow Stamps, Eyebrow Inks, Eyebrow Powders and Eyebrow Brushes,
Stamp Me Fabulous® offers Cosmetic Stamps for Lips and Semi-Permanent Lip Colors.

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Eyebrow Stamp Directions:

Stamp Me Fabulous® should be applied to clean, dry skin.
Stamp Me Fabulous® can be used on smooth skin and on skin with existing hairs.

  1. Using the side of your Semi-Permanent Ink Pen, “draw” across the eyebrow stamp design.
    (Do not draw with the tip of the pen, as this will put too much ink into the design and will damage the
    fine tip of your pen). The stamps do not require a lot of ink to make a design. 2-3 swipes of the pen
    will provide adequate coverage.
  2. Looking into a mirror, position the clear stamp in front of your brow bone until placement looks correct.
    Tip: You can use the vertical line provided at the beginning of the design as a positioning guide.
  3. Gently place the inked eyebrow design against the skin, using a “rolling” motion from one end of the
    Eyebrow Design to the other.
  4. After you have stamped the design onto the skin, you can take your felt tip pen and “draw” additional
    hairs directly onto the skin. Be creative!
  5. The tri-color mineral powders can be applied on top of your design to soften the look. The mineral
    powders, used in conjunction with the semi-permanent inks can create many different
    color combinations.

Fabulous! Now, turn over the stamp and repeat steps 1-2-3 on the other side!

This is a step-by-step demonstration of the Stamp Me Fabulous® eyebrow stamp application procedure.


It will play through once; refresh the page to watch again.


The Eyebrow Stamp base has a selection of black “placement guidelines” to create more or less of an “arch”
to your Eyebrow Design. A beautiful selection of the three colored powders may be applied lightly over your
design, creating a variety of different sha
des and tones.

Directions on Reshaping and Repositioning the Stamp:

  1. Lift stamp from its base.
  2. Restick stamp to one of the three lines shown.
  3. Adjust to desired angle and shape.
  4. Apply remaining stamp to the back side of the base following guide line.

Semi-Permanent Ink Pen Care:

In order to get the best results from your felt tip pen, please follow these directions:

1) Whenever possible, store your pen “tip down” in a cup or holder. This will allow the tip to stay moist, and not dry out. If your pen tip dries out, store it tip down until it re-hydrates.

2) Your pen is “dual-tipped.” So, if your felt tip is too dry or clogged, you can gently pull the entire tip out and flip it around.



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